An overhead photograph of Austin

Austin Real Estate Is Hot: Great News For Sellers And Buyers!

We’re at the tipping point here in Austin. Our unique culture and affordable living are getting attention in a really big way. Our homes are affordable (with prices on a slow and steady rise), our economy is hot, and the job market is expanding. It seems like Austin may be the right place to be at the moment.

So, while you may be asking, “Why is it time to buy a home in Austin?” our question to you is, why not?

The #1 Place To Buy A Home

SelfStorage.com recently named Austin what we’ve been referring to it as for years: the #1 best place to buy a home in the United States. While we could easily list off a million reasons why you should by a new home here, the SelfStorage.com claims that Austin has:

  • The highest long-term job growth
  • The second highest economic growth
  • The second highest share of recent construction
  • Affordable homes with median prices that are only slightly higher than 3x the median income

Breaking Into The Hottest Housing Market

Austin also landed a spot on Realtor.com’s Top 20 Hottest Housing Markets in the U.S. list. Not only that, but we then came in at #17 on their list of Homes that Are Selling at Warp Speed. Before you know it, we’ll be knocking San Jose out of their top spot—full speed ahead!

Avoiding The Property Tax Burn

As when any housing market starts to get hot, so do property taxes—but there’s no need to fear. If you already own a home in Austin and want to challenge your appraisal this year, you’re in luck. We found an article that will show you how to protest your property tax appraisal—take advantage!

So, are you ready to start looking for an Austin home to call your own? Let’s get started!