The kitchen and living room of a contemporary Austin home

An open house is a perfect way to showcase your home or property to potential buyers. However, we’ve witnessed many avoidable mistakes made by sellers that may have cost them a sale.

Before you decide on an open house, be sure to avoid the following:

Working With An Ineffective Real Estate Agent

A good Realtor® should be on hand at an open house to answer questions and help interested parties with next steps in regards to selling your Austin home. You’ll need to trust your real estate agent and their team to do their job and do it well. If they’re lacking closing success rates, then it could mean your open house was all for nothing.

Getting Too Involved

It’s always best for the seller to be gone for open houses and showings. No one likes it when a sales person hovers around and interjects their opinion on every detail of the product in question. The same goes for your home.

Give potential buyers room to inspect the house and make a decision on whether or not it’s the right fit for them. They need to be free to discuss their thoughts and feedback, confidentially, with the agent.

Poor Staging

Picking up clutter and thoroughly cleaning the home are no-brainers, but if you’re really looking to have a successful open house, then stage the area for buyers.

Habitat Hunters can recommend professional stagers who will help you arrange your home and furniture to attract potential buyers. For DIY tips on how to effectively stage your home, check out this article.

Using Distractions

Playing music, poorly covering over blemishes, and using pungent air fresheners can be a total turn off. All of these things might be fine if they’re understated, but if it’s obvious or too strong, buyers might think you’re trying too hard—or will wonder what you’re trying to hide.

Forgetting To Lock Up Valuables

Some of the people attending your open house may not have the best intentions. Anything you don’t want stolen, taken or lost should be locked away somewhere secure.

Not Providing Property Flyers

Potential buyers have a lot going on and are likely looking at other properties. Providing them with property flyers will jog their memories on what your home looks like and the benefits it offers them.

Leaving Evidence Of Pets

While we all love our pets, you want to provide a blank canvas during your open house. This means taking a pet out of the home and getting rid of dog or cat toys, removing litter boxes, and repairing any scratched or chewed furniture, floors or walls.  You’ll also want to air out the rooms to eliminate any lingering pet smells.

Using Bad Photos In Your Promotions

Worried no one will show at you open house? Posting bad photos of your space is almost a guarantee that no one will show up. Avoid posting any picture that is:

  • Poorly lit
  • Out of focus
  • Off-center
  • Filled with clutter
  • Shows an unclean space
  • Has a person or animal in it

Like any good photo shoot you want the space looking its absolute best—and it doesn’t hurt to have a professional help. Habitat Hunters can also recommend photographers and videographers who will capture your home in a way that will help you increase open house attendee numbers.

If you have any questions about planning your open house, contact us today.