Rear patio of a luxury home, with a swimming pool and a view of the hill country

The Austin skyline has grown from low rise buildings, bungalows and duplexes towered by the State Capitol to high rises and skyscrapers with views from Lake Austin to the hill country. Architectural styles range from ranch style to Tuscan villas to modern and renovated bungalows, usually with a lot of charm, style and greenery, to surround a plethora of fun, funky and elegant real estate choices.

In many walking neighborhoods, you can hike a nearby greenbelt, walk or bike to breakfast tacos, barbecue and live music. Dog lovers, nature lovers and those who enjoy learning through classes at University of Texas or St. Edwards University, foodies, theater buffs, arts and music enthusiasts often find their place here. Austin has a truly unique and magical style and captures the hearts of visitors from all over the country and world. Visitors and industries who are moving here in droves to take advantage of the lifestyle.

Home to Dell Computers and slated for an expansion by Apple, as well as home to multiple tech companies and internet gaming, Austin has a reputation for being the “Silicon Hills” as well as the “Live Music Capital of the World”.

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