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A job relocation is like the triathlon of moving—you have to be at peak performance in your new position, settle into a new home, and cultivate new professional and personal relationships. Even if you’re not relocating for a job, transferring to a new city can be overwhelming.

But don’t worry—there are plenty of resources available to help. For starters, Habitat Hunters’ experienced agents have a wealth of resources and information regarding local services, restaurants, contractors, professionals, etc., to make the transition easier. From there, the following includes just a few of the tips we’ve amassed to guide you through the relocation process:

Make Lists (And Check Them Twice)

Brace yourself: logistics are coming.

Prepare for the storm of things to do in the big move by micromanaging. Make detailed lists—specifically, one list about what needs to be done to move out of your old city and another on tasks to complete before moving into your new digs. You’ll feel more relaxed about the transition once everything has been put down on paper and it will help to see how much progress you’re making as you complete each project.

Ask For Help

Many companies offer relocation services, ranging from house-hunting trips to covering your moving expenses—even services to help your spouse find a new job. Do some research to find out what is available to you and don’t be afraid to negotiate for assistance if it’s not traditionally offered. You can also ask Uncle Sam for a break as moving expenses may qualify for a tax deduction (but talk to your accountant first!).

Get A Lay Of The Land

Austin is a thriving, diverse metropolis with a rich cultural scene and an overwhelming amount of cool and fun things to do. If you happen to be relocating to our city, check out our guide for newcomers for a comprehensive introduction to ATX.

If you’re moving elsewhere, getting to know your surroundings comes down to two factors:

  • Searching the internet
  • Talking to other people

The internet can lead you to apps like Yelp or Google Maps that will uncover what’s outside your front door. A cool trick for this is to open your Google Maps app, center it on your current location, and search for “*”. The asterisk acts as a wild card and the app will pull up all businesses around you, giving you a sense of the area without physically going door to door.

As for talking to other people, don’t be afraid to ask someone for recommendations—most people LOVE giving you the skinny on their favorite watering hole or the best place to get your hair cut. Ask colleagues at your new job, or any friends (or friends of friends) already living in your new hometown.

Find The Perfect House

Overall, the key to making this transition seamless and stress-free is to find a house you’ll feel at home in. It can be daunting to navigate new neighborhoods on your own, so be sure to enlist the help of experts who have experience matching personality to place.

And, of course, if you plan to relocate to the Austin area, we can help. Habitat Hunters, Inc., has been helping Austinites find their homes since 1972, so we know all the right areas, neighborhoods, and local secrets that will make Austin feel like home sweet home. Contact us today to get settled in.