Young couple seated at a table with a Realtor, signing documents

Buying a home is stressful and Habitat Hunters is here to help before, during and after the transaction, not just until you sign. Your new home is your baby, and you have to plan for it just like you’d plan for a bundle of joy. Moving to Austin is full of fun and being prepared is the difference between your move being an experience and it being a headache. Here are a few Austin moving tips for planning for the best home buying experience. Ever.

  1. Watch these videos of Austin’s neighborhoods. Whether you are sending kids to school or want to insight into your future community, checking out the neighborhoods in Austin is a must do!
  1. Look at Habitat Hunter’s Guide for Newcomers to give you a sense of the area and even some of the nuances of the city. The city has approximately 150 people moving in per day, and everyone needs to read these tips about Austin!
  1. Check out our guide for moving to the city. If you aren’t from Austin, or just have never lived near the city these tips are must read. Our favorite, of course, is to contact a REALTOR® that can help you find the perfect Austin home or apartment.
  1. Absolutely read our tips for buying the perfect home. If you’re hungry for more, contact us at for more insight to Austin’s real estate in’s and out’ We are a boutique firm of skilled REALTORS®that are as excited about your new home as you are!