NAKIA STRAZZERA, REALTOR® | 702-469-2826 | TREC #735618

While serving all of Austin, Texas, and the surrounding areas as a REALTOR® with Habitat Hunters, Nakia Strazzera brings determination, passion, and fierce focus in enabling new homebuyers and sellers to achieve their real estate goals in a process that is as stress-free as possible. Real estate processes can be daunting, especially to new homebuyers, Nakia views it as a life-changing experience that should be a journey of joy and fulfillment as you achieve such a significant fete as owning a home. Before becoming a REALTOR®, Nakia worked for the federal government for 15 years, with seven years as a budget analyst. Further, she is not only a member of Austin Board of Realtors, but also the Las Vegas Association of Realtors.

For a long time, Nakia nurtured a burning interest for real estate and nursed it close to her heart – the dream of owning a home one day. This urge served as an inspiration to venture into the real estate market. As such, she attends to new homebuyers with enthusiasm, optimism and an intense desire to help them find the peace and satisfaction of owning a home. Currently, together with her husband, she is in the process of buying a home.

Nakia walks buyers through every step of the process, giving them essential education to help them make the best decisions, generously providing genuine insights drawn from her experience and knowledge about the real estate market. Nakia takes delight in her ability to successfully match buyers with an ideal home that meets their needs, coupled with her mastery of negotiations, leading to a satisfactory closing.

Sellers will continually benefit from Nakia’s results-driven approach to a sale, as she works tirelessly to ensure sellers fetch top-dollar for their homes. To Nakia, how attractive a home is to the eyes of a potential buyer is vital to the success of any sale. As such, Nakia works closely with sellers from the staging and remodeling and polishing phases, to pricing and listing. She goes all out to identify a buyer who will give the right price for the home.

Nakia is renowned for her patience, listening to her clients’ vision, eagerness to answer all clients’ questions, and her willingness to go over and above to ensure they realize their dream. Her greatest strengths are her honesty and pleasant personality enabling her to build rapport quickly, and forge strong relationships that extend beyond the service. Her responsiveness to customer’s needs and the exceptional customer service puts her a pedestal higher in this field. As an example, she often partners with a local (Austin, TX) ice cream vendor to provide cold treats at her summer open houses.

When she is not busy capturing her client’s goals, Nakia loves hosting family and friends for dinners and parties, enjoys playing Texas Hold ’em poker and watching football. Nakia is a wife, mom to two gorgeous children and a grandmother of 3.

If you are looking for a reputable, reliable, knowledgeable, creative, committed, flexible and professional Realtor®, let Nakia Strazzera be your first choice!