Erica’s Story

Erica was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Despite extensive travel and searching for THE city to come home to, she has never found any other place that compared to the adventure of living in her home town and decided to attend college here at St. Edward’s University. After graduation and armed with a BBA in Marketing, Ms. Villarreal immersed herself in the local marketing and tech industry, working in social media marketing, finance and talent acquisition until finding her “joie de vivre” in real estate and earning a real estate license.

Why She’s A Habitat Hunter

Ms. Villarreal found that Habitat Hunters stood out from the other firms in their long standing operation in Austin as a full service agency and quickly joined the team that could utilize her unique skill set.

Benefits Of Working With Erica

In addition to her past in the corporate field, working in an investor’s office has provided Erica with experience in property management, investment and home rehabilitation that is a natural fit for any client’s needs wether the purpose is rental, flipping, or simply habitation!

Hobbies And Interests

Besides travel, Erica enjoys hiking, riding her bicycle around the city, eating strange foods and participating in the live music culture that makes Austin so vibrant.

Languages Spoken

Proficient in English and Spanglish