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Austin Apartments Are Plentiful, but How Do You Weed Out the Good from the Bad?

After a few grueling searches for Austin apartments, you may be wishing you could wave a magic wand and your perfect Austin apartment would appear. The thing is finding Austin apartments is actually easy; it’s finding the right one for you that can be difficult. With all the new construction going on, the amount of choices for Austin apartments can make it even more difficult for someone looking for their next apartment.

Expert Austin Realtors® who know the local apartment scene can get you as close to that as possible. Knowing what kind of apartment you want, what you can afford and what you need access to can help get you underway on your Austin apartment search.

Whether you’re already living in Austin or looking to move to Austin, when you begin your search for Austin apartments, it’s good to start with realistic expectations. The Austin real estate market is hot, and that goes for apartment hunting too. Knowing what neighborhood you want to live in, and that your budget is right for that neighborhood, will help you find the right place quicker.

If you’re in need of a larger space, you may want to even consider looking at some Austin homes for rent. If that’s the case, you should consider doing an Austin home search instead. If you have money saved up, you may want to even consider buying a home in Austin, as sometimes purchasing homes can be less expensive than renting. Here’s a great article on 4 reasons why renters should consider buying homes in Austin.

Should you decide you might want to buy, this guide can explain some of the processes of Austin home buying. And this helpful article provides tips on how to get the most out of your Austin home search.

But for those who know an Austin apartment is definitely what they want, here are some tips to help make your hunt for the perfect Austin apartment a little less stressful:

Check Out the Locations and Austin Apartment Neighborhoods in Advance

Location, Location, Location! You know the saying. It applies not only to buying property but also to renting – Austin apartments, houses, duplexes, and condos! Where you live can affect much in your life and even your cost of living. Drive, bike or walk around the area you might want to live. Do these neighborhoods feel like home? Is it near the grocery stores and other places you frequent? Is it close to any public transportation you might need? What is the drive-time to work or school and other important activities? Make sure to try out your commute during the times you will actually be commuting, so you can account for traffic.

If you’re just moving to Austin, here’s a handy Austin neighborhood guide to help you get started learning more about the different Austin neighborhoods.

Be Realistic about What You Can Afford When Looking for Austin Apartments

Congratulations if you can afford exactly what you want. For many of us, our imagination is bigger than our bank account. Think about what your top priorities are in a living situation.

Austin apartments and their pricing vary based on age, location, size, amenities, quality, upgrades and features. Austin real estate agents, who know the Austin apartment market well, know where specials are being offered on rents, security deposits, application fees, administrative fees, etc.

Rents at Austin apartments can also vary based on timing. Believe it or not, you may contact an Austin apartment complex in the morning and be quoted one price, then by the time you decide to lease it later that day, the price has increased. That’s what happens in a hot, hot, hot market such as Austin’s.

How Does Timing Affect Your Ability to Find Austin Apartments?

Summer, with so many residents moving, typically presents the highest demand and the highest rental prices for Austin apartments. Moving during the fall or spring can help, if possible. Although there is a lower supply, there’s typically less demand and thus lower prices.

Make Sure You Can Meet the Qualifications of the Austin Apartment You Want

Most Austin apartments have application fees, administrative fees, security, and pet deposits. Property managers and landlords will typically require that you have good credit, good rental references, local, verifiable employment and gross, verifiable income equal to at least three times the rent of your Austin Apartment.

Know the Necessities of What You Want in an Apartment

Consider Prioritizing Your Top Amenities When Searching for Austin Apartments

Do you want a pool, workout room, community exercise activities, community parties and mixers, a washer and dryer or connections, vaulted ceilings, no one above you, a corner unit, etc.? There’s an Austin apartment out there for just about anyone’s needs and desires.

Do Some Investigating of Austin Apartments

Real estate agents who are well-versed in the Austin apartment market will show you the best options within your budget that meet your criteria. They have an extensive database to find you exactly what you’re looking for. Read online reviews of Austin apartments with caution…often it’s the tenant who fails to report a problem that is complaining because things didn’t get fixed, when the management never knew about the issue, or the applicant who gets rejected because of demerits in their credit or background, yet they choose to blame the property for their rejection.

TV, Internet, Cell Phone Are a Must-Have for Austin Apartments

No matter how lovely your desired Austin apartment, we are all reliant on digital technology these days; and yet, these considerations are sometimes the last on our minds. Or maybe not a thought at all. Find out as much as you can up front.

Try out your cell phone at some of the Austin apartments you’re considering. Coverage varies, particularly in the rolling hills of our lovely city, and you don’t want to be stuck in a place where you will have to consider changing carriers just to be able to reach out to your friends.

Regarding TV and Internet, some Austin apartment complexes have contracts with certain providers. In Austin, it could be AT&T/U-Verse, Time Warner Cable, Grande Communications, or now Google Fiber. Sometimes the tenant has the option of choosing from a few of these providers and sometimes not.

Landlords vary in their willingness to accommodate Dish or Direct TV Services. If that is the service you are seeking, make sure your apartment faces the correct direction. They cannot prohibit you from using a dish, but they can make it inconvenient for you. They may require a deposit, rental insurance, or merely that the equipment not be attached to any part of their property.

Pet Policies in Austin Apartments

As cute and lovable as your little fur baby or your slithery companion is to you, not all Austin apartments allow pets. Austin is a very pet-friendly city, so many do, but some have restrictions on species, breed, and size. As predicted, breeds that have a reputation for being aggressive are sometimes restricted. Negotiation is always a potential avenue. Liability insurance could alleviate some of your landlord’s concerns. Also ask about the deposit amount for pets, which can range from about $300-$800 per pet. Some Austin apartments also charge a monthly pet fee.

Using an Austin REALTOR® to Help You Narrow Your Search for Austin Apartments

One of the best ways to get help with your search for the right Austin apartment is to find an Austin Realtor®, who specializes in that market. Habitat Hunters, Inc., is one of the only Austin Realtors® with a specialized team handling Austin apartments & other Austin home rentals. A local, experienced real estate agent will know the neighborhoods you are interested in and be able to match the perfect apartment with your desires and needs. Be sure to tell them all of what you hope to find, and ask them to show you apartments you located on your own. Trust their advice and guidance; when an apartment or price is too good to be true, it often is.