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The neighborhoods of Crestview and Brentwood offer the amenities of central Austin comprised mainly of home styles of the 40s and 50s, with new styles interspersed as old homes become dated. These areas are located in ZIP code 78757 and are in close proximity to downtown, grocery stores, city bus stops and the metro rail.

The Crestview area is bordered by Justin to the south, Burnet Rd to the west, Lamar Blvd to the east, and Anderson Ln to the north. Brentwood lies south of Crestview and is made up of a north boundary of Justin, a south boundary of Koenig Lane an east boundary of Lamar Blvd, and a west boundary of Burnet Rd.

Both of these neighborhoods offer well kept older homes, as well as remodeled, modernized homes. The two neighborhoods are lined with beautiful trees and are close to the nine-acre Brentwood Park. Families with children will be looking at top tier schools such as Brentwood Elementary, Lamar School of Fine Arts, and McCallum Fine Arts Academy High School.

Within both areas you can find an abundance of local retail businesses and entertainment. Venues such as the Black Star Co-op- a pet friendly pub & brewery as well as the famed burger joint Twisted Root- are fun spots to visit when you want time out of the house. Additionally, Lick – an innovative & natural ice creamery, as well as the historical Crestview Minimax lie within the boundaries of the two neighborhoods.

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