a breakfast taco with limes and sour cream

Since the Mexican border is only a four-hour drive away, it’s no surprise that Austin boasts some of the best breakfast tacos in the country.

Whether you’re heading out on a Saturday morning trying to find a nice meal or looking to literally break fast before work, we’ve got you covered. Try any of the following breakfast taco locations and enjoy all that our city has to offer.

Torchy’s Tacos

We’ve talked about the power of Torchy’s before, but didn’t mention the fantastic breakfast options. The portions are huge for $2 and you can enjoy tacos with jalapeño sausage, egg, cheese, bacon, green chiles, and more.


With a ton of locations all over the city, Tacodeli is one of the absolute best places to get tacos in general—but it’s especially fantastic for their breakfast options. Try the El Popeye, which features sautéed spinach, scrambled eggs and topped with crumbled queso fresco.

Paco’s Tacos

Paco’s is perfect for breakfast tacos at any time of day. You can build your own taco from their menu of options, slather everything in their delicious salsa, and enjoy the breeze while dining out on the patio.

Bomb Tacos

As part of the White Horse venue, Bomb Tacos serves up some killer breakfast options. Order the egg and Portobello breakfast taco if you’re looking to try something different.

Veracruz All Natural

Why go to Veracruz? Well, for starters, these food trucks offer homemade corn tortillas. They also offer some of the best breakfast tacos in the city.

Tyson’s Tacos

Tyson’s Tacos has 29 breakfast and brunch tacos featured on their menu. Deep fried egg yolks, rib-eye steak, Sriracha mayo, and biscuits and gravy are just a few of the ingredients you could have topping your tortilla.

Taco Shack

With a bunch of different locations throughout the city, Taco Shack is a staple for breakfast tacos. You can build your own taco with the fixin’s of your choice—or indulge in one of their delicious breakfast bowls if you’re not in the mood for tortillas.


While most patrons rave about the steak and eggs, bacon or migas breakfast tacos, Fresa’s also has a few options vegetarians love. No matter your preference, we recommend The Flaco—the rajas on this taco is top notch.

Keso’s Taco House

Chilaquiles breakfast taco anyone? No? How about one stuffed with chorizo, bacon, and carnitas? Head on down to Keso’s for either one. If there are long lines at the Congress Avenue location, then check out the newly opened University of Texas, West Campus location (though we can’t guarantee those lines will be any shorter!).

Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day—you can make every day important by taking advantage of the best breakfast tacos Austin has to offer.