Parents and two young children unpacking boxes

Moving with children can be tough, from changing schools to choosing their new bedrooms, moving is just as stressful for your kids as it is for you.

  1. Talk to your kids before the move!

    Talking to kids on the why, where, who, and when, of a move is a must do! Have a family meeting, show them pictures, let them choose their rooms, make the experience exciting for everyone.

  2. Plan out a visit

    Take a day to show your family the neighborhood by going on a walk, check out the local libraries and you can even schedule an appointment at your child’s new school.

  3. Speaking of schools…

    Researching schools can be a headache. Going straight to the source to check out the high ranked schools in Austin and the surrounding areas. While you’re searching through resources, keep in mind your child’s needs. For example, second language learning, arts magnets, International Bacclaureate, ESL, Gifted and Talented, special needs programs, etc.

  4. When you get here!

    Introduce your family to Austin neighborhoods and events by embracing the many family friendly events. Check out our zoo, festivals, farms, farmer’s markets, plus many other activities (fun fact, they’re abundant) and of course make sure you find the right babysitter for those date nights out (see hyperlink). Proximity to the University of Texas, St. Edwards University, Concordia University and Austin Community College offers many full of fun, active, and excited babysitters. Check out our date night restaurants.

  5. Don’t forget that Habitat Hunters helps you before, during, and after the move, too.

    Habitat Hunters has agents that work with you to find the right home in the right area for the right price. We also have many resources to make your move smooth. Habitat Hunters is here for all your needs! After the buy we keep you updated with news and events, changes in local and state government, as well as reminders on important deadlines, such as Homestead Exemptions.

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