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How to Make the Most of Your Move to Austin

You’re thinking about moving to Austin TX, but where do you even begin? Finding a great home is toward the top of your to-do list, but so many things need to be done in preparation for your big relocation.

Moving to a new city can bring on a mixture of fear and excitement. Unless you’re extremely familiar with your destination, there’s so much to learn and adjust to. Well, take a deep breath, because Austin hasn’t been named at the top of every “Best Places to Live” list for nothing.

The first thing you’ll find when moving to Austin TX is that everyone from the locals to the transplants are extremely friendly and take pride in their local environment and culture, including the adage Austin has become known for – “Keep Austin Weird”.

From the famed food trucks, to Austin’s eclectic culture, to the largest bat population in North America, to its phenomenal music and nine months of pretty stellar weather, including about 300 days of sunshine, Austin is hard to beat for those looking for a mid-sized city, with a lot to do.

Here is the nitty gritty on making the move. There are always things you’re bound to forget, and especially when you move from city to city, so we put together this checklist of things for you to look out for and do.

Here are a few things to help you prepare for moving to Austin TX:

What to Bring? What Not to Bring?

Before you head out to Austin TX, go through your items and determine what’s essential and what you’ll need.

Make a list, beforehand, of everything that is needed for the first two weeks once you move to Austin, and separate them from everything else. It’s not unheard of that your moving truck might meet delays, so make sure you have the essentials to get you through the first couple of weeks if need be.

Austin has fairly warm weather year-round, the summers are pretty scorching here and people dress casual. Bring lots of warm weather clothes, and be prepared to lather on the sun-block.

A guitar or two won’t hurt either. Austin is pretty proud of its music scene.

What not to bring: all of your winter gear. Though Austin isn’t as warm as some southern states, like Florida, in the winters, if you’re moving from a northern climate, you’ll find most Austin winters to be relatively mild. Yes, it can go below freezing at times, and you will turn on your heat in the winter, but piles of winter jackets, gloves, scarves, etc., will likely go unused here.

Take a trip to Austin to scout out the best Austin neighborhoods

The more opportunities you have to visit before moving to Austin TX, the more prepared you’ll be.

Looking at houses/apartments, neighborhoods, local restaurants and stores in the city’s various neighborhoods can help you figure out where in Austin you want to reside. Finding a great Austin Realtor ® can be extremely helpful, as a Realtor® will be able to guide you through the various Austin neighborhoods, and even do an Austin home search for you, prior to your arrival.

If traveling to Austin beforehand isn’t convenient, and you’re planning to rent a house in Austin or an apartment, you’ll definitely want to make sure you work with a Realtor®, so you can be better prepared for your move.

Austin is a diverse city, so you’ll want to pick an area that fits your needs. It’s also not a bad idea to get a sense of what your commute to work will look like. As Austin grows, so do its traffic problems.

Outside of its bus system, and a somewhat weak train transportation system, the only other ways to get around Austin is by car and bike. If you come from a city where walking is the norm, or subway and train travel is abundant, you’ll quickly notice that people don’t do a whole lot of that here.

If you’re not sure of what neighborhoods to consider, check out our guide on the Best Places to Live in Austin for our top recommendations.

Consider the timing of your move to Austin

People love to move during summer, especially if they have kids that are in school. Just remember that not only do demand and housing prices and rents skyrocket in the summer, so do Austin temperatures!

Austin gets very hot during the summer months, often reaching over 100 degrees. If you’re planning on moving to Austin TX during the summer, be sure to take extra precaution to avoid heat exhaustion.

When moving things into your new home try to drink plenty of water, take occasional breaks, and don’t underestimate how the heat will affect you, especially if you’re not used to very warm climates.

The good news is summers last for three months here, and then you have nine months of awesome weather.

If the heat gets to be too much for you, Austin has a couple of lakes and watering holes where you can cool off, including Lake Travis, the Pedernales, Hamilton’s Pool, Deep Eddie, among others.

Work with an Austin Realtor® for Your Move

An Austin Texas real estate agent will be one of the most helpful individuals you’ll meet, when moving to Austin TX. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, Austin homes and apartments go quickly.

An Austin Realtor® can help you navigate the housing market and find exactly what you’re looking for in a house, condo, or apartment. Moving to Austin TX is a big decision, and recruiting the help of knowledgeable real estate experts can save you time, money, and stress.

Need more moving tips? Contact Habitat Hunters today and let us help you get started on your relocation to Austin.