A photograph of the front of a contemporary home in Austin, TX

Austin Real Estate Tips To Sell Your Home: Small Renovations Make Big Cents

The first step to getting someone to fall in love with a house is for them to see it. Any seller who’s looking to get their asking price knows how important it is to make sure potential buyers fall in love with the house at first sight. Once love is in the air, the asking price oftentimes becomes just a number.

Small issues that aren;t taken care of can be a dealbreaker when you’re trying to sell your Austin home. So, how do you go about playing cupid in order to increase the value of your home in the eyes of a potential buyer? Well, these small renovations can help you do the trick. 

  1. Take Care Of The Devil In The Details

    Here’s a little exercise to try: walk outside your home and pretend you’re a potential buyer. Examine the house from the driveway, as if you’re looking at for the first time—Is there anything out of place? Are there any minor repairs that need to be made? Do you see a broken shutter or paint chipping off of the front porch stairs?

    These small details may seem insignificant, but in the buyer’s mind they set the tone for what’s to come. A potential buyer is on high alert from the moment they see your home, and once you set off the alarm with minor interior or exterior flaws, they’ll likely find major renovations to be a much bigger deal.

  2. Tone It Down

    Yes, this means you with the bright purple wall—and especially you over there with the aquamarine bathroom floor tile.

    Okay, so maybe everyone’s color scheme isn’t that dramatic, therefore, reducing the amount of color in your home opens up the potential. Try painting the walls white or in neutral tones or cover colored tile with a beige area rug. This will help down play your style of décor while putting the emphasis on the space itself.

  3. Don’t Spend A Lot Of Money

    You don’t need to sink a ton of money into the renovations you decide to take on. Replacing the floors with standard-grade hardwood may get you as much return on investment as installing high-end teak. Keep those extra pennies for yourself and opt for more cost-effective renovations.

  4. Scratch The Custom Work

    Those custom-made kitchen cabinets that look like something out of a medieval castle won’t be doing you any favors. Sure, you may have paid a small fortune to have them installed, but there’s a slim chance a potential buyer will have the same style as you—and be willing to pay for it.

    When you strip out any of the uniquely custom looks, you’re once again allowing potential buyers to see the house for what it could be—in the style of their choosing.

Still not sure which type of renovations will help increase the selling value of your home? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.