With many wealthy individuals moving to Austin, there has been an increase in the construction of modern luxury homes.

There are many ways to showcase your success, and few can rival and capture the rugged spirit and individualism of American liberty like residing in one of Austin’s many luxury homes. The country may be clawing its way out of a pandemic and economic downturn, but entrepreneurship is spawning millionaires and billionaires perhaps just a little less aggressively than salmon spawn in the freshwater rivers of their birth.

Austin’s Luxury Homes and Financial Stability

Wealthy persons of old often attributed financial accumulation to frugality coupled with hard work, education, smart investing and taking risk. Today’s technology sector is producing a younger affluent segment of the population in this the Information Age, aka Computer Age, Digital Age, New Media Age. Still, these very rich people do not frivolously handle their dollars. Most can and do take extravagant vacations, but collecting cars, boats and jewelry isn’t a top priority. Adventure, art and real estate investments are big among contemporary deep pockets.

The luxury home market in and around Austin offers uniquely designed and crafted houses with thousands of square feet and a long list of elegant accoutrements. When one thinks of architectural design in elite homes, it’s easy to go to the tangible components like arches, columns, swimming pools and oversized kitchens with high-end appliance names like Meile, Wolf and Sub-Zero.

Technological Advances in Luxury Architecture

However, the architectural side of designing a home also embraces smart technology, sustainable designs and top drawer materials. The automation in home technology includes everything from timing the window shades to rise with the sun, or lower after that brilliant violet Texas sunset, to robot vacuum cleaners, smart air purifiers and pet, child and front door cameras.

The thermostat can be programmed or controlled from a cell phone, like garage doors, indoor and outside lights, sprinkler systems and smart locks. Voice assistance is no longer new, and there are cautionary tales of using it for keeping a record of everything they can. From smart plugs and power strips to coffee makers, beds and baby monitors, you can outfit your home in a smart way in every room.

Architectural Trends in Austin’s Luxury Custom Homes

But that’s just technology. Luxury accoutrements always include natural materials and many of them come with a price. Brazilian walnut, wenge and zebra wood top the list for extravagant and luscious hardwood flooring. Tile is found outside and indoors on roofs, patios, poolside decks and driveways as well as kitchens and baths. Porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles can be inspired by luxurious marble and granite configurations.

Sustainability and Numerous Amenities in Austin’s Luxury Homes

Possibly the greatest advancement in luxury architectural design comes with sustainability. According to Houston-based Creekstone Architecture: “Sustainable design is an approach to architecture that’s focused on creating buildings that are energy-efficient and use renewable resources. This trend is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people become conscious of the environmental impact of construction. Sustainable design includes incorporating natural materials, such as wood, stone and clay, as well as incorporating energy-efficient features, such as solar panels, green roofs and natural ventilation.”

In the practical side of luxury design, large homes offer many amenities like his and her home offices (with a view if possible), home workout rooms, spacious spa-like bathrooms with jetted tubs, very large showers with multiple shower heads, heated floors and towel racks, floating vanities, chandelier over an elegant soaking tub ideally next to a window, marble floors, counter and shower walls, embellished floor tile and a generous linen closet to stock those thirsty 5-star hotel towels.

Most all luxury homes in the Austin area have swimming pools, hot tubs, lush landscaping, stunning light scaping and multiple-car garages. Outdoor siding finishes are often a blend stucco, stone and timber frame with shingles and vertical Hardie® board accents. Entry foyers are elegant and often tall and well-lit with natural daylight from artistic style windows. Dramatic staircases may curve and be enhanced with custom-designed and hand-crafted railings and bannisters in metal, glass and/or cable.

Contemporary luxury homes feature en suite bathrooms with every bedroom. Kitchens offer every major appliance in the high-end version of name brands, and some include a separate catering kitchen for entertaining. One can find a dedicated coffee station and wine cellar or cooler, plus quartz counters, touchless faucets and trash compactors.

With outdoor living taking center stage given the wonderful year-round climate in Austin, stone and brick kitchens, covered decks, open patios and poolside spaces feature impressive outdoor lighting, waterfalls and water features, along with cabanas and pool bars and storage for supplies and equipment. Entertainment spaces include everything from theaters with plush, leather chairs to pool tables, darts, large TV screens, gaming systems and fully stock bars.

Living large is the Texas way, and having a ball, bash or blast takes on new meaning in a luxurious home environment. It’s a glorious slice of Texas grandeur which can shape the family legacy. If you’re searching for a luxurious home, reach out to one of our agents at Habitat Hunters. We’ll help you find the right fit for all of your needs.