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What should you be looking for when comparing Austin real estate companies?

Here are 5 key qualifications that the best Austin real estate companies share.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home in Austin, choosing the right agent is the single most important decision you’ll make when embarking upon your real estate journey. In a market as dynamic and competitive as Austin’s, the real estate company that you work with is going to have a huge impact on the success of your home sale or purchase.

If you’re just starting to venture into buying or selling Austin real estate, then, by all means take the time to do whatever research you can and investigate different real estate companies. We’ve assembled a list here of what we think are the most important qualifications to look for when considering Austin real estate companies and finding the one that’s the right fit for you.

Great Austin Real Estate Companies Leverage Local Knowledge and Relationships

A real estate agent is ultimately only as good as their knowledge of the Austin real estate market and their relationships with buyers, sellers, vendors and other real estate professionals in the area.

Though an agent with limited experience may be fine for a lease or rental agreement; they may not be the best option when you’re looking to sell or buy a home in Austin. There are intricacies involved in the home sale and purchase process that create a need and understanding that goes well beyond the basics of showing you homes or posting your home for sale on the MLS.

That’s why you want a company with a good reputation and strong roots in the community. When an agent tells you where the market is and where it’s going, and the process of how to best market your home in the current market, you want to be confident in their expertise. As with anything else, experience is key here.

Beyond your real estate agent, you’ll want to make sure the Austin real estate broker who runs the company has a great reputation as well. This is especially true if you’re working with a newer real estate agent. A new real estate agent can still do a great job if they have a solid real estate broker behind them. Talk to people who have used their services. Oftentimes training of agents and core company values come directly via the broker themselves.

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Great Austin Real Estate Companies Have and Use Data

Information is the lifeblood of the real estate business. You don’t know what the best price is today unless you know what sold last week and for how much. More than ever before, Austin real estate companies have access to a treasure trove of data. It’s important for the company you choose to be up to date with all the relative data on the housing market, so that they can assist with your home sale & your Austin home search.

The best Austin real estate companies are always on top of key indicators such as: regional sales, median price, housing starts and new home sales on a monthly basis. Prices are competitive, and they tend to fluctuate, making it more important that you work with a real estate company that is on top of the numbers.

Great Austin Real Estate Companies Market and Advertise Effectively

Creating an awareness of properties is more complex than ever before, because there are numerous advertising and marketing channels at a real estate company’s disposal. Promoting how unique your property is, including the key selling points, can help draw in prospective buyers.

From traditional print advertising, to digital listings, to social media, and effective use of databases, there are a lot of balls to juggle in order to create maximum awareness of, and interest in your property, all the way down to making sure your real estate company has a striking sign for the yard. You want your listing to sell; even more than that, you want a strategy that will get you multiple offers and a great return. That’s why it pays to ask Austin real estate companies how they will market your property.

The Top Austin Real Estate Companies Use Professional Photography and Video

Regardless of whether or not a real estate company can get every set of eyes in town on your listing, it won’t matter unless they’re making your property look its best. Do some research and check the company’s current listings to see how they’re being promoted. 

Have the photos and videos been done professionally? Are there enough photos? Have they been taken from angles that highlight the most appealing features of a home? Does the retouching look seamless, or does the sky look fake, and the grass look neon green?

Ask real estate companies for info on the photographers and videographers they use, to see samples of their work. If it’s one of their agents with a smartphone, it might be time to look elsewhere.

The Best Austin Real Estate Companies Listen to Your Needs

At the end of the day, the most important thing is for you to work with an Austin real estate company that makes you feel comfortable. Are they paying attention to your wants and needs? Do they respond to you quickly, and when they do, are they answering your questions directly and earnestly? Will they show you the properties that are right for you? Are you confident in their advice on pricing? If any of these answers are “no”, then it’s probably not a good match.

A great relationship with a real estate agent will make or save you money, but it will also cut down on stress and sleepless nights. If you find an agent you can trust, who you believe shares your vision and values, understands your needs, and is willing to work with you, then what can be a challenging process becomes much simpler.

When it’s time for you to start speaking with Austin real estate companies, Habitat Hunters would love the opportunity to meet with you. Our real estate agents and brokers are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced real estate professionals in Austin. We’ve been helping home sellers and buyers in the Austin area since 1972, so contact our Austin real estate company today and get started on your Austin real estate journey!