Everywhere you look, you’ll find more & more Austin homes for sale. At some point, you may find yourself having to decide between purchasing a new home or a resale property. With so many Austin homes for sale, this can be a difficult decision for sure, but there are some advantages to opting for a new home.

  • In many cases, with a newly constructed home, you are able to pick from the latest energy efficient appliances, latest floor coverings, fixtures, and other items to make your home best resemble your vision and aesthetic. Most builders allow you to go to a design center for your customization. Remember your budget though!
  • When you buy new, you are typically given something that resembles a “1-2-10” warranty. For the first year, most everything is covered by the builder. Many builders cover major items for the second year, and for ten years your foundation is typically warranted. This is in addition to any manufacturer warranties on your water heaters, air conditioning system, and roof.
  • Many builders offer you incentives, particularly when they have a lot of new Austin homes for sale that they need to sell. These incentives can range from paying closing costs, giving you design credit allowances and paying for your owner’s title policy if you go with a builder approved lender. In most cases, they are completive, and you come out ahead by going this route.
  • Enjoying that new home smell! There is nothing like knowing nobody has ever cooked in your kitchen, used your shower and had pets rolling around on the bedroom carpet.
  • When buying a newly constructed Austin home, the builder allows you to have buyer agent representation at the builder’s cost. We, at Habitat Hunters, are experts in negotiation. If it’s possible to buy something at a lower price, obtain added incentives, free upgrades, etc., we can work out the details for you.

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