The living room of a modern luxury home

Just like getting ready to make a big impression on a first date, staging your home for potential buyers can make all the difference. An inviting, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere is much more attractive and desirable to potential buyers than leaving everything as is.

Tips For Selling Your Home: Staging

To help get your space ready to sell for the asking price your property deserves, we pulled together the following tips for how to stage your house.

  1. Tidy Up Your Home

    Author Marie Kondo of the NYT Bestselling Book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, knows that a tidy home can improve many aspects of life. This notion extends to those who are eager to sell their home. A space that’s clean and neat feels better and will leave a better impression in buyers’ minds. Get rid of any clutter or mess before buyers come to look.

  2. Cover Up Blemishes

    If you have chipped paint on a deck or spots on the carpet, now is the time to fix them up. Whether or not you need complete renovations, at the minimum, you should repair any light work that needs to be done.
    Check out our recent article, How to Maximize Home Value with Small Renovations, for more information.

  3. Rearrange Your Furniture

    Moving one piece of furniture could transform a dark, crowded room into a bright and sunny open space. Play with the furniture in each room of the house—even if you’ve had it set up a certain way for years. The result could surprise you and delight potential buyers.

  4. Stick With Neutral Tones

    A neutral canvas allows buyers to envision their life within the walls of your home. Using shades of white, brown, and tan on the walls, furniture, and flooring will help give them a better picture of the home they may one day own.

  5. Give Spare Rooms A Job

    If you have an extra bedroom or a spare room that’s mostly used as a storage space for holiday decorations, then it’s time to give that room a job. Move everything that belongs in storage out of the room, and create a space to show buyers what this room could be. You can turn this space into an office, library, workout room or studio—it’s up to you!

  6. Catch The Right Lighting

    Again, you don’t want to bring potential buyers into a dark, dungeon-like atmosphere. The lighting in your home should be bright and flattering, without being overbearing and obnoxious.

  7. Purify The Air

    A stuffy and dusty home with a lingering cigarette smoke scent is a total turn off. Before any showing, open the windows or turn on the air conditioner to get the air circulating. Scented candles are also a great idea, but don’t overwhelm the room with a heavy or distinct scent—stick with light, simple fragrances like vanilla or berries.

  8. Add The Final Touches

    Think fresh flowers, burning candles, soft music—pretend you’re hosting a dinner party filled with guests you’d love to impress.

Need more help with staging your home? We partner with professional stagers who will help you transform your space—contact us today to get started.