The interior living space of a luxury home

Whether you’re a seller hoping to put your best foot forward, or a buyer eager to make the most out of your new space, interior design plays a huge role in the perceived value of your home. If you’re at a loss as to what the current interior design trends are, look no further. Here are some today’s hottest ideas that will help you transform your Austin abode:

1. Go Tech-Free In The Living Room

If you’re reading this article while America’s Got Talent is playing on the flat screen in your living room, you might see the value in creating a screen-less space at home. More and more homeowners are transforming family-oriented living rooms into comfortable, tech-free spaces in which they can interact and truly relax.

2. Use Statement Mirrors

Gone are the days of giant sheet mirrors and florescent vanity lights. The fastest way to update the look of your bathroom is with framed statement mirrors that reflect your personal style. It doesn’t stop at the bathroom either—a well placed statement mirror can open up your space and give the illusion of more room.

3. Make Your Own Sun Room

Your place might not have an official sun room (or the budget to construct one) but don’t let it stop you from trying. Homeowners are using cozy furniture, natural lighting, and a little creativity to turn forgotten corners within the home into warm sun-havens.

4. Open Up That Kitchen Space

Airy kitchens are all the rage—the more you can make the kitchen area flow seamlessly into the rest of your house, the better. Even if your floor plan doesn’t allow it, you can create the illusion of open space by minimizing wall cabinets and conspicuous appliances. You’ll also want to maximize storage with large, deep kitchen drawers and buy appliances that blend in with the minimalist feel.

5. Mix And Match Materials

When it comes to designing your kitchen, you don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional granite countertops and pre-fab backsplashes. Play with combinations of trending materials to set your kitchen apart from the rest: concrete countertops with backsplashes of brick or wooden counter tops accented by colorful, hand-painted tiles. The quirkier, the better—especially here in Austin!

6. Include Patterns And Textures

2016 is seeing a resurgence of patterns after years of solids. Embrace the patterns by updating an accent wall with a geometric wallpaper print, or recover your favorite couch with a sundress floral. These patterns will help you express your style and give a pop of personality to the room.

If you’re looking to a buy a trendy new home that’s flawlessly designed, let us know. We can help you find a house that will be a perfect fit.